The name, MW Design Stories, comes from the belief that every house tells the story of the person or group of people and animals who live there.  Colors, artwork, photographs and furniture can be chosen to reflect your loves and interests but with style and elegance. We display items with personality that make you happy and content.  We find furniture that is not just well-made and beautiful in form, but also comfortable for all members of your home.  All of these details reflect the design story of your home showing the beauty and personality to all who enter.

  Let's make your home  beautiful and uniquely yours, together.


Michele Welz for MW Design Stories is an interior decorator ready to assist in all areas of your home design whether it be renovations or updating a room .  Experienced in various styles of decorating, including  Traditional, Modern, Contemporary or an eclectic mix of many styles,  Michele can make your home look professionally styled while staying within your budget.

 Michele Welz for MW Design Stories

   Interior Decorator in Elk Grove